Friday, November 21, 2008

Ondol Goodness

As anyone 'round these parts knows, winter jumped into the picture last week. One day I was walking around outside in a sweater and the next day it was all BAM winter. So anyway, last night it was finally time to turn on the ondol; the underfloor heating system most homes use here.

So anyway we set the thermostat thinger and waited.

"Still not feeling it, it's still about as cold as a witch's ti.. wait a second."
"Is that a warm spot? Heeeyyy, that feels kinda nice."
"Holy shit the rug is warm!"
*flop onto the floor*
"Why don't we have this in the US?"

I think it's safe to say, we're converts.


Chang jin Park November 25, 2008 at 11:59 AM  

traditional ondol is somewhat different from the present floor heating system. Hmm.. now we use a pipe under the floor and the boiling water circulate the pipe. but traditional ondol have spaces under the floor(vacant room) and heat from the fire in someplace(usuallly kitchen) transferred to the space under the floor. it is kind of heat transferring through the air. So granma says. Don.t jump..the floor will be collapsed....hahaha Anyway we can not see the traditional ondol system now in city house.

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