Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spawn/Life Update

Rachel's doing great; she's been on room oxygen for a few days and is now eating on her own. She's putting on weight and getting feisty; she wants outta that incubator. Too bad kid, you've got a few more weeks in there. Kim's doing well; she had her stitches out yesterday and is now back at home with Emily. She can drive and do everything except pick the kid up, so she will be taking showers with mommy for a few weeks instead of her normal baths.

As for me, I start the academy in two days. Large, angry men will be yelling at me for the next six months. Right now I'm feeling eagerness spiked with dread, if that makes any sense. I've sacrificed so much to get here, and now it's time to find out if I can live up to this.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Rachel is born!

Rachel Anna Forni decided that she was done with waiting, so she was born at 14:02 at Severance Hospital in Seoul. She is 32cm long, weighs 1.8 kilos, and is a bit premature at 32 weeks, but she's doing very well. Mother and baby are resting comfortably.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Korean Adventure: Second Season

Kim's still doing fine, and the baby is still hanging out in wombtown. Given the circumstances, we've decided to rescind her resignation, and her employer has tentatively agreed. They didn't want her to leave in the first place, and they're also aware that we weren't leaving because we didn't like Korea or the job.

So that's good news and bad news. Good news because it resolves the healthcare issue, saves us some money, and keeps her very secure job during a shaky economy. Bad news because I will not be able to see my family until December, at the earliest. It's already been five months, so I've kind of gotten used to it, I guess. Still sucks, but I don't see that we have much choice.


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