Friday, January 23, 2009

I left my soul in Seoul

OK so apparently people wanna know what the hell happened to me. Fair enough; I'm back in the US for a bit, taking one last shot at a longstanding dream. I dunno if this is the right thing for me, but I do know that I spent every day thinking about it during my time in Korea. It's unfinished business, and my soul demands that I square the bill. I've tried telling it that it's being unreasonable, but that's the thing about souls I guess. Can't tell them anything.

So we're gonna see what happens. If I get it, the family follows me back to the US. If I don't, then I follow them back to Korea. I can only hope that in such a case, having given it a shot will be enough to settle this ghost. The fact that I'm still here is what really tells me that I have to do this; anything that didn't have this much of a hold on me would not stand up to the overwhelming need to get on a plane this second and hold my wife and daughter in my arms again. Every time I see a toddler I want to scream; how do people do this? Christ I miss them.

I'm here, but my heart is 6000 miles away. Take care of it, eh, Seoul?


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