Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Neither Snow, Nor Sleet, Nor Slight Embellishment..

One cool thing about being stared at all the time is that sometimes you feel a little more free to do embarrassing stuff in public. Since everyone is always watching, after a few weeks you kind of develop a shell. So when the time comes, you might as well.. carry a huge toddler playset on your head for 2 kilometers along a major road.
No cabs were stopping and I wasn't sure I'd be able to get this thing into the back of one anyway, so after a few minutes I just said hell with it and started humping the beast down the sidewalk. Rest assured that by the time my daughter is old enough to appreciate the tale, it will have become a brutal 20km trek featuring blinding snow, elbow-magi ajummas, and a broken leg. Maybe some feral dogs.

So anyway, if any parents reading this have been looking for a good place to pick up some toys here in Seoul, lemme know; the shop where I found this has a good selection of European and US toys, and with the Won where it is the prices are decent.


Gomushin Girl December 10, 2008 at 3:13 PM  

I think it essential that you also include your own bit of selfless heroism in that on your way through the blinding snowstorm (brought by the wicked magic of aforementioned ajumas) and packs of feral dogs that you met a beggar in the streets and gave him your shoes, and did the entire trek in your bare feet. I would also not neglect the lost child you helped reunite with her mother, and the democracy activist you helped hide from the brutal authorities, and the birdie you helped back into the nest.

daeguowl December 10, 2008 at 10:24 PM  

Here is the website (korean only) for that bouncy castle world I mentioned. They're running again until March. It costs 12,000 for kids (2-10) and 10,000 for adults. It's located at the Ilsan Lake Park, which is maybe 30 mins drive from central Seoul assuming minimal traffic.

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you about a family meet up. I assume we're looking at lunchtime/afternoon on a weekend? My parents are coming this weekend so if we don't do it (at very short notice) this Saturday afternoon, then it'll probably have to wait until 2009...alas our kids have been poorly (smoe kind of bug) this past weekend so I want to be sure they're clear and healthy before inflicting them on your daughter...

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